Mass Effect 3 The Omega & More

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Medal of Honor: Warfighter (PC)

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Hard Reset: Benchmark

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They added in a benchmark ability in the Extras portion of the menu of the new update on Steam. I had to take some screenies and share, I love this engine.

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project zombie alien: back from the dead

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I recently came across an original 03′ Alienware ALX and have decided to resurrect it and bring it back to life. So today I took it to a pc repair shop because they said they may have a key for the case.

Turned out they didn’t but good news still came my way when after looking closer we notice the damn thing was already unlocked. I pulled my alienware baseball cap over my face inĀ embarrassment and lug the fucker back home like a noob. After laughing at myself on the way home I drag it back up stairs and toss it on the bed like I’m going to have my way with it. I grab the screwdriver in my once underwear drawer taken over by extra parts from prior raped pc’s and commenced the screwing. I slide her top off and looked down at the dusty rack and shook my head at what I was seeing. My cat even had to get a closer look. I continued the screwing and removing. I come across a strangely designed video card that had more hair in it than I had on my head…and I’m not bald. I took a pic of it and shared it in my pc gaming group and shared the disgusting sight. It made for some good friday laughs at least. I now have it completely naked and ripped bare. And so now begins ….the paint job! I’m thinking something along the line of a necro alien with alien zombies in a wispy green colored smoke. I know an amazing tattoo artist that is handy with the airbrush so I’m hoping maybe he can pull through. Now as for the insides, what do you think I should do?

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Sleeping Dogs

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Well then! What can I say about this game. Let me just start by patting them on the back with the free day 1 hd texture pack on Steam. It made a world of difference. Now onto the game. They really went to the extreme to make sure that the world behaves naturally and realistically for the most part. Here is what I mean. On one mission I had to make my way out of a bouncer infested club.Next thing I know everyone was kung fu fighting and they was fast as lightning. So fast that I was having serious issues trying to counter attacks at times. So I kick everyone’s ass and spill their blood all over the carpet and fuck up the dance floor, run out and push a drunk dancing girl off her car and back up into the line of douchebags waiting to get in. After escaping the police by ramming them off the road I go home and take a piss and think about how awesome that was. I wake up the next day and head over to Club Bam-Bam to check out the scene. I walk in and see a janitor cleaning up the blood on the floor I just decorated it with the night before. The club owner is pissed and talking to the bartender about what happened. I walked backwards out of the place and haven’t returned.

The other cool thing I noticed. So I met this other hitman guy and he has me mock up a fake gun fight to frame someone. I do as he says and finish the mission and move on. I do another mission later and it ends me up a block away from the scene of the framing. I run over to check it out and there they are…the local police, trying to figure out what happened. Well done and well planned I say. So all in all I have to say I do love this game and catch myself saying wow a lot. The story is great, the characters are likable and you care for them. I am always stopping to listen to the latest drama from these 2 women when I leave my apartment. the only things I don’t like about the game is the cam shaking when you get to max speed in vehicles and the hard counter attacks. Other than that, love it…get it.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (pc)

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What a nightmare of a port this game is. It first starts off with Ubisoft telling the pc gamers that the reason they release the pc version over a month later is because they feel we are a bunch of thieves. Then the game releases and wouldn’t you know, it doesn’t work. First it started off with it asking for a cd code that doesn’t exist. After restarting Steam the code finally appears, cool. So I push play and watch the poor frame rates rape my expectations. I get into the first level and it says to me to use w,a,s,d to move. But wait a minute….nothing is working…but sprint (shift key). So I cuss and rage and go back to the options to use the controller since this is obvious port. I go back to the game and still nothing. So needless to say I don’t have many screenies. All I have is the first 15 seconds of the game cause I cannot move or do anything. When they figure out how to fix their shit storm I’ll have more then. Heres what I have.

*UPDATE* they finally fixed it to where it’s actually playable.

Max Payne 3

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